Satt is your kitchen away from home, comfortable, fresh and beautiful. We meticulously select the best possible produce and prepare your meal from scratch with care and insight and we sure know how to make it delicious. We grow salads and herbs in the backyard, bake fresh bread daily in our very own bakery and lovely pizzas leave the fire oven crusty and delightful.

Satt RestaurantSatt Restaurant

It's the fresh ingredients, it's the eye candy wherever you look and it's the love that goes into the cooking. Come for lunch at Satt, eat a delicious light meal and, if you have a big heart, please seat yourself at the long table and see if you make new friends. We offer a glorious brunch buffet every weekend. Come for dinner at Satt, take your time in good company and eat delicious food, from local and fresh ingredients, that's as good for the soul as it is for the body.


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Satt Restaurant

Nautholsvegur 52
101 Reykjavik

Tel.: +354 444 4050
Fax.: +354 444 4051

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