Bar menu


Satt Classics

Perfect to share

SATT chicken salad 3,900 ISK
Local VAXA salad, marinated chicken thighs, cherry tomatoes, pecans, strawberries and parmesan
 - Vegan option available

Deep-fried Cornflake chicken 3,100 ISK
Buffalo hot sauce and SATT mayo

Chicken sandwich 3,500 ISK
Toasted sandwich, bacon, chicken, Havarti cheese, tomato, red onion and garlic mayo, served with fries

Fish and chips 4,200 ISK
Cod in orly batter, tartar sauce and lemon

SATT burger 3,900 ISK
Ground beef patty, 175 g, VAXA salad, tomato, red onion, pickled cucumber, Havarti cheese, SATT mayo, served with fries

Vegan burger 3,700 ISK
Vegan patty, VAXA salad, pickles, vegan cheese, pickled red onions, pickled red cabbage, vegan SATT mayo, sweet potato fries


French fries and SATT mayo 950 ISK

Sweet potato fries and SATT mayo 950 ISK

Tempura shrimp 1,900 ISK 
Deep-fried shrimp in tempura with SATT mayo

Baked cheese 3,500 ISK
Baked Höfðingi, white mold cheese with pecans, grilled bread and strawberry marmalade

Charcuterie 3,500 ISK 







Something sweet

Bar bites

Sweet bites 2,200 ISK


Mixed nuts 700 ISK


If you have an allergy to any food products, please inform your waiter.





 The Bar menu is served everyday from 2 pm - 9 pm.